Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Constructing and Vacationing

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

I am way ahead today writing this letter on July 4th morning. By the time you read it, I will have been on vacation in New Mexico with my sister for a week. I am looking forward to the mountains - they will be living at about 7,400 feet North of Mora, New Mexico when they get their older home restored. I will be helping with that work for some days. It should be fun.

Thanks for your generosity to Fr. Reynaldo Hernandez as he spoke about his home diocese in El Salvador at our Masses on June 28-29. He then went on to St. John’s in Adel for the July 5-6 Masses there. Together, we can support the completion of their seminary, the training of the clergy and their catechists and the updating of their Cathedral.

Wednesday, July 2, I had a Mass at Vintage Hills for the residents there. We usually have Mass on the 1st Friday of the month but that would have been on July 4th. Thanks for those who assisted at the Mass and for all those who bring communion to them on Sundays. It is a great ministry to our seniors.

Later that morning, we had another Value Engineering meeting at the architect’s office. We continue to work on getting sub-contractor bids reduced in price. That evening, the Building Committee held its regular meeting. Progress of the construction, the status of the sub-contractor bids was shared. The Sub-committee reports were shared. The Kitchen Sub-committee is establishing an updated list of equipment needs to send to other providers. The Liturgical Furnishings Sub-committee shared AutoCAD drawings that Tom Hoffmann made of furnishings that were sent to Iowa Prison Industries for bids. We anticipate a reply in a couple of weeks. The Electronics Sub-committee continues to compile bids for phone, for security and for computer equipment. All of these are making good progress.

On Thursday, July 3, I shared lunch at Talley’s in Beaverdale with the area priests. It is good to share a meal and to talk about what is going on in our parishes.

My plans for July 4th include Mass in the morning and then around noon, joining friends for a family July 4th gathering for lunch. That afternoon, I will attend an annual croquet tournament with some St. Theresa’s parishioners. Someone will be winning the traveling “Golden Mallet” award! We laugh a lot!

Saturday I will be packing for vacation as well as finishing plans for the weekend Masses. I am hoping that all of you can plan on taking some time off from the regular schedule. It is good to focus on something different so that you can come back refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of your lives. God is busy re-creating us as we vacation and take time off.

Sunday afternoon, I will be on my way going down to Kansas City and then west to Salina and then taking the diagonal two lane road toward New Mexico. It will be a way that I have never traveled before - a little adventure. Keep me in your prayers and pray for the safety of all who travel.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann