Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Building the Church – Construction - Christ Our Life

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Well the Lord was blessing us with a whole week with only one day with light rain! Thank you Lord! May we be so blessed this next week as well.

Last Sunday, September 14, I attended a visitation at St. Elizabeth’s in Carlisle for Don Klang, husband of Doris, who works for the Tribunal. Following the visitation, I stopped in to see that our Knights were preparing and serving a wonderful dinner for the OLIH K.C. golfers and their spouses. Good job Knights.

Monday was a nice day off with my brother Tom. I even made a crock pot of chili which we enjoyed several times during the week. On Tuesday, we were up at the building site talking with the superintendent about the construction progress. We are trying to get the MidAmerican Electric power application finished and sent in with the detail they need.

Wednesday saw further visits to the construction site and time to catch up on the latest work being done. They were preparing the last work underground so that the west end of the school could be prepared for pouring concrete. That evening, I enjoyed greeting the RE students as they came to the 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm classes at St. Anne’s.

On Thursday, I met with Deacon Dan McGuire to review how he and I would work together when we celebrate the Mass. After Mass that evening, I went out to bless Dave and Kelli Enos’s home. They will be celebrating baptism of their daughter on Saturday, September 27. Following the home blessing, I returned to St. Anne’s for the Finance Council meeting. Thank you to Mike Fitzpatrick who has agree to chair the council. Thank you as well to Shane Higgins and Jeff Anderlik who have agreed to be new members of the Council. Thank you to Brian Mulcahy and Michaela Carhoff for their service on the Council for St. Luke’s.

During that Council meeting, the progress of the Construction was reviewed as well as the payments for that construction. The progress of detailing the pro-forma St. Luke’s School budget was presented and discussed. More work on the various categories and line items is being done by the St. Luke’s School Board Finance committee and Tonya Eaton, our School Administrative Consultant.

Friday meant more visits to the building site. The west floor of the school was being poured. The roof drains for the gym and the offices are being completed. The plan is the roof of those two parts of the site will be installed September 22-27. More concrete is to be poured as well. There is a good possibility that we will be able to have the large hill of fill soil removed soon. Progress on the outside uprights and window framing continues.

That evening, I went to a Pre-Christ Our Life welcome evening at Wells Fargo Center. Following the nice gathering, I spent some time winning and losing a few games of 500 with some of our parishioners at St. Anne’s.

Saturday morning, after confessions at St. Anne’s, I went down to the Christ Our Life Conference. I was there in time to hear Cardinal Dolan give his presentation. He really was outstanding. His talk focused on the “Soul,” “Mind” and “Heart” of the Church. He used St. Pope John Paul II as the one who helped the church realize the “Soul” of the Church; Pope Benedict XVI for the “Mind” of the Church and Pope Francis for the “Heart” of the Church. Lots of priests helped with confessions during the rest of the day. I was able to come back for the wonderful Mass on Sunday at 12:30 pm. Lots of St. Luke’s volunteers were there too.

Fr. Larry Hoffman