Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Rain, Green, September at Hand

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

We are in the first days of September. Last year, we had not had to mow lawns for weeks. This year with the 11+ inches of rain in August, the lawns are thriving, looking very green and wonderful - but mowing every week?

Last Monday, August 25, I joined lots of happy golfers at Bishop Pates’ annual Catholic Charities Golf outing at Echo Valley Country Club. It was hot and humid! That served as a good excuse for a little below average for my group performance - as if we needed excuses. But it was enjoyable being out and accepting the challenge of the day.

Tuesday, August 26, we met with the Contractor and Architect on the St. Luke’s building site. Rain, Rain, Rain was the topic of the meeting. We are waiting for good days to get the floor of the gym poured and then move into the classrooms and eventually come to the offices. The steel erection is basically finished. There are some minor things to complete once the side walls are being put up. By the time you read this, hopefully lots of good work on dry ground will have been finished.

That evening, the St. Luke’s School Board had its regular meeting. Discussion was held concerning the Board Constitution and By-Laws. The draft of the Registration policy was voted on and passed. After it is presented to the parish along with school colors and mascot, it will be on the web site. Possible “Consultants” to do the work of the School Principal were discussed. Interviews will be held in the next few days.

On Wednesday, the Ankeny Ministerial Association met for lunch at St. Anne’s. I had an opportunity to present the progress of our Phase I construction to the ministers present. That afternoon, I met with the Iowa Prison Industries representative to clarify the stains selected for our Liturgical Furnishings and to discuss the refinishing of the pews schedule. That evening, I celebrated the St. Monica’s Mass at OLIH with its special prayer for family and friends who have left the Catholic Church. After the Mass, the Building Committee had their regular meeting at St. Anne’s. Not a lot of progress was reported because of the rain. The Sub-Contractors now have all their drawings and can complete their bids and begin their work. We are hoping for a flurry of activity at the site these days.

On Thursday, I met with Dr. Bruce Kimpston, the Superintendent for Ankeny Community Schools. We discussed with the head of their nutrition department, the possibility of having them bring food to St. Luke’s School just as they do to the various community schools at a contract price. They were very open to that and will send a proposal. Thursday evening, the Social Concerns Team had their regular meeting. Lots of details about support for St. Joseph’s Family Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Tithe of the Tithe and projects for the coming year were discussed.

Friday was a time to wait out the rain. It was a good day to get lots of things finished at the office including being a day ahead with my weekend homily. Saturday after Reconciliation meant celebrating with the Hawkeyes and mourning with the Cyclones and UNI.

Sunday, I went out to visit my mother in Panama. It was good to spend the day with her and I even managed to win a game of Quiddler with her. It is like scrabble. Monday meant a nice gathering with most all of the family for lunch. What a beautiful day. We got a chance to visit with my younger brother who just returned from working four months in Northern Israel with his job. I think he enjoyed it very much but was very glad to be home. He had some time to visit sites when he had time off but on a limited basis. Pray for Catechists and RE students. 

Fr. Larry Hoffmann