Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Stones and Living Stones on the Cornerstone Jesus

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Saturday and Sunday, September 6-7, were absolutely wonderful. They followed Friday, September 5 that was very summer like - hot humid and damp. Iowa’s weather is wonderful!

Monday evening, September 1, I returned from visiting my family in Panama. Tuesday, the business of the week was at hand. After getting the bulletin letter finished for its late edition because of the holiday, I joined the Tuesday morning study group as we looked at “Behold the Mystery: A Deeper Appreciation of the Catholic Mass” by Mark Hart, one the speakers at the upcoming Christ Our Life Conference. That afternoon, I met with Kyle Lectenberg from the Diocesan Office of Worship. We talked about the progress of our Liturgical Furnishings sub-committee. He spoke about the Worship Space Dedication that will happen when the worship space is ready for the bishop to come to St. Luke’s. That evening, several members of the St. Luke’s School Board spoke to Tonya Eaton, the School Administrative Consultant that we intend to hire for the interim period between now and after the 1st of the year to help with St. Luke’s Catholic School development. We look forward to her joining our staff on a part time basis.

Wednesday evening, September 3, the RE had their open house learning about life at the time of Jesus in Nazareth. The children also discovered their classroom space and met their teachers.

Thursday, September 4, I met with a couple to fill out papers for their wedding coming up in October at St. Ambrose. Then the Liturgy Committee met for their monthly meeting. We continued our study of the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy.

Friday morning, I celebrated Mass for the residents of Vintage Hills. Following that Mass, I hosted my priests’ support group and enjoyed a nice lunch at Applebee's.

Sunday, September 7, the Stewardship Committee held its regular meeting. We studied “The Pillars of Parish Stewardship” and made plans for our Ministry Fair. Later that afternoon, I joined the “Lady’s to Luke’s” Bike/Walk/Run on my bike. Great day for riding! Thank you to all who participated and to the sponsors for our event. It is a great way to support St. Luke’s Catholic School.

The construction at our building site continues to struggle with the rain. Just when they are ready to take the next construction step, there is more rain! In the face of that, last Tuesday, September 2, a crew of up to 20 men did get the floor to the gym poured and finished. It has been “water curing” since then to help prevent serious cracking. It is to help keep the gym floor level for the flooring that will be put down before it is opened. Some metal studs have been put in place on the outside walls with promise of more to come. The floor area for the school, offices, and kitchen are being prepared for concrete. The underground plumbing and electrical conduit have been put in place. Steel work on the worship space is basically finished. Hopefully next steps can continue to unfold with proper weather.

I do ask that you begin to say a prayer to St. Joseph the carpenter every day for our building process. May the intercession of St. Joseph help keep our process going with materials and workers in proper order and time.

At the same time, ask St. Joseph to help us realize that Jesus is the cornerstone upon which our parish is built. We are the living stones being placed on the solid wall stones of the apostles and all who have lived the faith before us. May we put our stones in place on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann