Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Stewardship of Treasure: Needing to Give Back to God

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Six inches of white snow has been piled up in drifts in all kinds of inconvenient places and now is hard packed. We are looking for some 30 degree weather again.

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for the light supper at the Epiphany Fair. Thanks as well to Cindy Clefisch for putting together all the stations for families to learn about this feast.

On Tuesday, January 6, the St. Luke’s Liturgy committee had its monthly meeting. We reviewed the work of the various Liturgical ministries and looked at the readings for Lent and found that “Covenant” can be found in almost all the readings for the weeks of Lent. We will try to get a focus on Covenant for Lent this year. The St. Luke’s School Marketing committee also met that evening.

Wednesday, January 7, the catechists were invited for a workshop along with OLIH teachers. That evening, my brother Tom and I joined one of our Supper Clubs for a very nice meal at The Machine Shed.

Thursday, January 8, the Parish Pastoral Council met at the Rectory. After our regular meeting, we enjoyed our own Epiphany Party with chili and lots of finger food and nice desserts. It is good to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.

Saturday, January 10, the Stewardship Committee met at 10:00 am at St. Anne’s. We began a new study booklet, “The Heart That Gives.” A Stewardship of Prayer insert is being planned for the last weekend in January. After the 4:30 pm Mass, I led a short prayer for Jane Whitman whose funeral had been celebrated in Easter Iowa. The family invited local people to come and visit with the family at the Lakeside Community Room.

Sunday, January 11, the Women’s Christian Experience Weekend team met to make their final plans for the January 23-25 weekend. There is still room to register.

At the Masses this weekend, I have invited everyone to consider their Stewardship of Treasure commitment to St. Luke’s. In the booklet, “The Heart That Gives”, by Fr. Thomas Connery, he says: “May I offer you the secret to living a devoted life in following Christ?...The formula is: It all belongs to God. It is all his.” He means - our time, our talent, our treasure, our health, our skills, even our personality.

When we are born, we are born into a time and a place, a particular geographical area. We inherit from our parents our genetic makeup - the bodies we will have in life. We will have opportunities in life - sometimes the result of our work - often given to us by others. We have all that we have for a number of years and then even at an old age, we let go of it all in death - hopefully into the gift of eternal life. All that we have comes and goes. It all belongs to God. It is His. We are to use it well as His good stewards in ways that will draw us closer to God’s plan for us. His plan is that we would share His life now and for all eternity. Using all we have, being good stewards is to be the way of life we live.

If you have not yet filled out one of the Stewardship of Treasure forms, please do so in the next few days. You can use the one you received in the mail or take one home from Mass. Please return it to the office, in the mail or in the collection basket. All of us giving back to God a portion of our treasure on a regular basis will enable St. Luke’s to meet the future growing financial responsibilities we will have. God will not be outdone in generosity.

Don’t forget to come to the St. Luke’s Catholic School registration this Tuesday January 20, 8:30 am.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann