Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

S’Mores And More

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Sunday evening 9/27, was a perfect evening for our S’Mores/Bonfire. There was a very nice number of families with children enjoying the warm evening, playing with a variety of things on the asphalt west of the school. By then the bonfires were going well and the marshmallows were being toasted for s’mores. And just as we were concluding, the eclipse of the moon shadowed by the earth began. It was an awesome time watching the moon eventually become a bit red/orange.

Monday 9/28, I enjoyed the Knights of Columbus pasta preview dinner before their regular 7:00 pm meeting. That evening, 6 new members went through the 1st degree ceremony. Welcome new Knights!

Tuesday 9/29, our parish staff had its meeting at 10:00 am. That evening, the RCIA met for its 4th session at 7:00 pm. It is great to be able to present our faith, hear the questions and strive to answer them for our candidates. Keep us all in your prayers.

Wednesday 9/30, I met with the Ankeny Ministerial Association at the Ankeny Christian Church. It was good to get caught up from the summer on the activities that the various churches had. Next month, St. Luke’s will host the Ministerial Association on October 28. That evening, we had our pet blessing in the North parking lot. There were several dogs, cats and gerbils that were blessed and remained peaceful during the blessing. That evening, volunteers for our new “Facilities” committee met in the Conference Room. We reviewed all that will have to happen to maintain these facilities, our grounds and to keep them updated and safe. It is a big task ahead of us.

On Thursday, Tonya Eaton and I met with a resource person to talk about possibly having a parish garden, one that students in the school and from the parish could help with. Some real possibilities were discovered. That evening, the Liturgy Committee held its regular meeting. Plans for Right to Life month in October were reviewed and discussed.

Friday evening, I had a wedding rehearsal for Brooke Manthe and Nick Schaffer at St. Luke’s. On Saturday afternoon, we celebrated their wedding with them and a lot of their family who came for the occasion.

Sunday after the very well attended mass, we enjoyed the coffee, tea, juice and donuts. Some said that their young ones were working off the sugar from their donuts in the gym. It is great to see so many stay and visit after mass. It is a great time to grow in relationship with each other. Take a few minutes each Sunday (or Saturday after mass) to find someone you do not yet know and visit with them. We have lots of new families and they would enjoy getting to know you.

After I finish this letter, I will go home and pack for our annual Priests’ Workshop that is being held in Ames this year. It is a great time to gather with the other priests of the diocese and this year to hear Dr. Ralph Martin, noted author and speaker help us with the New Evangelization. I am looking forward to his presentations.

I mentioned at mass that you can begin to develop your own Litany of Saints now in anticipation of the Feast of All Saints 11/1. Write down a deceased member of your own family, or people you have known. Do so one a day and ask them to pray for you. By November 1, you will have a lot of saints praying for you.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann