Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

The Glory and Joy of the Risen Lord

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

As we joined Jesus in his journey through Holy Week, through the Last Supper with his apostles, the Agony in the Garden, his betrayal, condemnation, suffering, crucifixion and burial, we could feel the burden and sadness of these events. Now, Easter Sunday morning, we allow the glory of the sunrise to tell us of the even greater glory of Jesus rising from the dead after three days. There was no doubt about his death - those crucified do not live. There is no doubt about his resurrection - so many witnesses tell of seeing and experiencing the Lord Jesus risen and alive.

Today may we let that unexpected, unexplained and yet real joy at the resurrection of Jesus touch our hearts. Jesus is truly alive, never to suffer or die again. Because he has made that Holy Week journey, our sins can be forgiven. We can be saved. We can one day share in the divine, risen life with Christ - an awesome gift beyond imagination.

Today, I hope that you can gather with your loved ones to celebrate the glory of this Resurrection day. May you be blessed with safe travel and good time to share with your family and friends how much Jesus risen means to you.

This weekend and next, there will be an opportunity to join in a parish family project to get our trees planted on our building site. I have purchased a Northern Red Oak tree in memory of my parents and a Swamp White Oak for other family members. Take a few minutes to look at the pictures of the variety of trees we will be planting. You, too, can select a tree in memory of someone or even as your family tree. Together we can help get these 184 trees sponsored and planted. More information about planting in mid-April depending on weather later.

This week as well, Knights of Columbus and other parishioners will be volunteering to help pull cable for our security, phone and computer systems for our church and school. I appreciate all the volunteer help in getting these tasks completed.

This last week, I enjoyed taking Don and Charlene Lamberti on a tour of our Church and School construction site. They were able to see the progress of the school - see the picture on the website! On Tuesday, I met at the Construction meeting with the contractor, architect and others to get an update with the progress of our building. Lots of landscaping work is being finished. Plans for the worship area and school continue. The gym is beginning its final painting and finishing. The kitchen is nearing its completion of its finishes. That evening, the Liturgical Furnishings subcommittee held its meeting, followed by the St. Luke’s School Board. Progress of the many different aspects of our school were discussed and an extensive report from Principal Tonya Eaton was given.

On Wednesday, I joined other ministers from our Ankeny Ministerial Association for our regular meeting at the new Lutheran Church of Hope. After a nice lunch, we toured their new facilities. Lots of room now and for future expansion. That evening, I helped with Reconciliation at OLIH for their high school students.

On Thursday, the priests gathered at St. Ambrose for an afternoon of reflection before the Chrism Mass. It was a wonderful gathering and time of reflection let by Bishop Humphry former bishop of Albany.

May the blessings of the risen Lord come to you and your families as you gather this special day. May the joy of the resurrection come deep into your hearts.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann