Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

New Life: In God's Creation, Trees and 1st Communion

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

I have noticed that some lawns have been mowed two times already - mine is still waiting for the first. With the rain coming down as I write this letter, I suspect that everything will really take off - green grass, flowers and trees of all sorts. The new life of creation echoes the New Life we celebrate with the Resurrection of Jesus in this Easter season.

Last Monday, I picked up my taxes for the year from my friend Pam. I will even get a return this year! On Tuesday, April 14, I mailed my taxes. Then I prepared for my annual physical. I am happy to report that there were no problems to report - good health now and hopefully will be until next year. That evening, the Welcome Team had its regular meeting. They were making plans for the Newcomer Welcome gathering Saturday, April 18th, after the 4:30 pm Mass. We reviewed other aspects of welcoming our newcomers. Yard signs, plans for our Parish Picnic June 14 at Big Creek, and ways to be inviting to those who join us at our weekend liturgies were discussed.

Wednesday morning, there was a meeting with Alliance – the company that is installing our network, security and phone system. We reviewed the placement of phones, the kind of phones, the answering sequences and messages. It is so much different than our present one line with two remote phones! At lunch time, the St. Joseph's Education Center Board met for its quarterly meeting. Bishop Pates joined us. Matt Halbach had a proposal about ways to assist the Faith Formation of the Catholic School staff in the diocese. After this meeting, Kathy Lickteig and my brother Tom went to Granite, Marble and Tile Solutions to confirm our earlier bid for granite for the Altar, Ambo and Tabernacle shelf. We selected “Venetian Ice” as our kind and color of granite. They will be measuring the new Liturgical furniture when it arrives for accurate fit.

On Thursday, April 16, the Finance Council had its regular meeting. We reviewed the Financial Statements for the month. We discussed lawn mowing for our new facilities and will receive a bid for the work. The Janitorial and maintenance bid was also reviewed and accepted. A total number for the financial support of St. Luke's school was given to the St. Luke's School Board. They will now finalize how that will be allocated. Rental rates for use of our facilities was sent to a subcommittee. Staff salaries and hours were also reviewed for a fiscal year update.

Saturday saw some brave souls out at the St. Luke's site planting trees in the muddy ground. There was a couple of hour lull for many to be planted.

Sunday meant a great celebration of 1st Communion for our 2nd graders. Great job class, teachers and Cindy Clefisch! May they all know Christ now within their hearts.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann