Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

God’s Glory: Spring Flowers, 1st Eucharist, Tree Planting

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Outside the west end of St. Anne’s church are three flowering trees. Today as I write this letter, they are in full, glorious bloom! Two are a beautiful and fragrant pink and the other equally pleasing in white. God has certainly gifted us in the glory of his creation, the flowers of this Spring.

On April 19th,I delighted in celebrating first Eucharist with St. Luke’s 2nd grade. Congratulations to our 1st Communion Class!

My brother Tom and I went out on Monday to see our mother in the hospital. She is in recovery from a fall that will require some weeks in rehab. She is in good spirits and well cared for by my sisters. That evening, I joined the Knights of Columbus for their regular meeting.

Tuesday, April 21, was a Priests’ Study Day at Atlantic. We had a speaker, Dave DiNuzzo, from the Diocesan Office in Kansas City, Missouri to speak to us about ministry to Young Adults - the 20-30’s age group. It involved two panels of young adults telling their story as well. That evening, the Liturgical Furnishings committee met up at the building site and tried to get a better sense of the size of needed liturgical furnishings like the crucifix and others when we could see the actual space. The granite has been selected for the altar, ambo and tabernacle shelf.

Wednesday, April 22, the priests of the Des Moines region met with Bishop Pates. He is meeting with each region to speak of his concerns and to let us share our concerns and input. That evening, I was back out helping to plant some of our trees.

Thursday evening, the Social Concerns Team had their regular meeting. Discussion about the Bread For the World letter writing effort was held. The Reverse Collection of letter writing suggestions were made available April 25-26. Other summer and early fall plans were discussed, including gathering items for school children in need.

Friday morning, I helped with an interview for a prospective seminarian for our diocese for the coming year. It is great to see young men giving serious consideration about discerning their call from the Lord in the seminary. In the afternoon, the St. Joseph’s Education Center board members met for a special meeting.

Saturday morning, I had a funeral for Florence Mackin, a long time St. Anthony’s member from the time I spent at that parish. Following the funeral, I had a baptism for Taeha Sypolt. It was a wonderful family celebration for her family at St. Anne’s. That evening, I had another baptism during the Mass for Micah John Seidl, son of Todd and Lindsy. After that Mass, I was happy to lead Tom and Jennifer Joensen from St. Luke’s in renewing their wedding vows on their 15th anniversary of marriage.

Sunday morning was yet another baptism. This time we celebrated with Benjamin Michael Lucas, son of Chris and Elizabeth. He decided to stop crying after baptism when I presented him to the parish. I think he liked the spotlight! Sunday evening, Cindy hosted the Catechists’ appreciation dinner at St. Anne’s. We then had Mass for the Prom students and parents at 7:00 pm.

All of that made a very full week. The activity at the building site is getting more and more intense. The worship space work is in full swing. Finishing work is being done in the classrooms and offices. We are getting close. St. Luke’s K-3rd school age parents, soon you will be able to tour our new school. Consider registering or ask Tonya Eaton for a tour.

Peace,                                                                                                                                                                                    Fr. Larry Hoffmann