Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

God’s Blessings: Showers, Leave Taking and Beginnings

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Today, God is blessing us once again with rain. I did notice that the corn and soybeans are just leaping up. I do hope that our farmers have their crops in the ground.

And speaking of rain, I managed to get in and out of our parish picnic between the showers. We had a nice crowd to share the grilled hamburgers and hot dogs along with wonderful side dishes and desserts. The young ones enjoyed the snow cones and walking in the water puddles. It was good to see so many enjoy the nice shelter and the good company.

On Monday, June 8, I helped concelebrate the funeral for Marie Gomez, long time member of St. Anthony’s with family at St. Theresa’s. There were several trips out to the St. Luke’s facilities. Tuesday evening, the Welcome Team held its regular meeting. They reviewed their last minute plans for the Parish Picnic. Further plans to welcome newcomers were reviewed. Members will work to update the “Newcomer” Packets.

On Wednesday, the beginning stages of moving from St. Anne’s to St. Luke’s took on serious work. Volunteers were gathered to help pack the office materials and to begin to move them. Office furniture also began to make its way to 1102 NW Weigel Drive. That evening, the Building Committee had its 6:30 pm meeting at the St. Luke’s Conference Room - nice to meet in our own space.

Thursday morning I met the Vacation Bible School participants and volunteers at OLIH and led them in a prayer and blessing. It was fun to share a little about one of my favorite things - climbing mountains. That evening, the Parish Pastoral Council met at 7:00 pm at the St. Luke’s Conference Room. We studied the 5th chapter of “Forming Intentional Disciples.” Afterward, we discussed how the space at St. Luke’s would be used. Then we planned the details of hospitality and tours of our facilities at our open house June 20. The light meal was also detailed and planned. By now, it has all happened. Thanks to all who helped with this celebration of our Blessing of Altar and Worship Space.

On Friday, June 12, more details at the building site were handled in the morning. At noon, I participated in the monthly Tribunal at the Catholic Pastoral Center. That evening, after helping with the moving of the Altar, Ambo, baptismal font and celebrant’s chairs into the worship space, my brother Tom and I enjoyed the supper club meal at “The Main Street Café and Bakery.”

At the conclusion of the Saturday evening Mass at St. Anne’s and the Sunday morning Mass at Ashland Ridge, we gave thanks to God for the liturgical things we used at these Masses. Parishioners then processed from both places to St. Luke’s after a prayer of thanksgiving at leave taking.

As I mentioned above, the parish picnic was held between rain showers at Big Creek State Park Beach shelter # 1. Lots of parishioners, young and old, enjoyed the food and gathering. Later that afternoon, the Stewardship Committee had its regular meeting in the Conference Room.

At this writing, I am anticipating the wonderful celebration of our first Mass and the blessing of our altar with Bishop Pates. May the Lord’s blessing come to us all.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann