Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Transition to Fall Activities Begins

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

This last week has felt more like August in Iowa - Hot, dry south wind, the grass turning brown. But they are telling of more rain to come in a day or so - also Iowa.

Last Sunday 8/9, I enjoyed an evening at All Saints rectory in Stuart with priests and seminarians for an outdoor supper. It is good to get to know the young men in the discernment process.

Monday late morning, I was the host for my priests support group. When we gather, we take time to pray about the next Sunday’s gospel; we share a “fact” something that has taken place or is taking place in our lives. It is a great way to offer support and prayer.

Tuesday 8/11, the St. Luke’s Welcome Team had their monthly meeting. We looked at the numbers registering in the parish and discussed ways of making them feel part of our growing parish. Discussion was held on ways of expanding welcome with personal visits, with social media and with gifts for the family.

Wednesday 8/12, those interested in helping with the St. Luke’s RCIA met to discuss the calendar, the content and the various rites for our efforts in the RCIA process. We have a good number of volunteers to help. You can help by being willing to share your faith story, be a sponsor or help with the Breaking of the Word during Sunday mass after Thanksgiving. Let me know at the parish office.

Thursday 8/13 was a busy day with lots of appointments at the office. The OLIH staff came to visit and tour our new facilities. They brought lunch and good food and a good visit was had by all. Thanks OLIH staff!

That evening, the Parish Pastoral Council held its regular meeting. The St. Luke’s “Family School Association” made a presentation about a fund raising possibility. A recommendation to the Finance Council was made to begin using hard cover song books. The St. Luke’s Feast Day Pasta Dinner was discussed. Several agreed to take some leadership roles. A silent auction item already given is 2 tickets on the 45 yard line to the Bears-Vikings football on Sunday 11/1! (great seats!) New members who have agreed to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council are Paul Carlson, Jason Hatch, Cari Higgins, Nicole Linsey and Michael Walsh. Thank you to those who have served for three years: Bob Lickteig, Tom Judge, Tracy Deutmeyer, Jim Roths and Paul Moritz. The Holy Spirit has guided us these last years and we pray will do so in the coming years as well. Keep all our Council members in your prayers in the coming year.

Friday morning, the St. Joseph’s Education Center board had its quarterly meeting here at St. Luke’s. We were introduced to the new SJEC staff member Paige Beacom. Review of the activities, goals and direction of the Center was held. That afternoon, the official “Punch List” of the architect and the contractor for our new facilities was held. The construction items are mostly done. A few minor items are yet to be corrected and are underway.

Saturday morning, the gym floor was made ready for volleyball pole placements. Finish plates can be opened for either two games going north and south or one large court game going east and west. At 9:00 am we held the Holy Day mass for the feast of the Assumption of Mary.

On Sunday afternoon the Faith Formation Council held its regular meeting. That evening the “Together We Build” annual Capital Campaign update phone-a-thon was held.

May the Lord’s blessing come on all families sending students off to St. Luke’s Catholic School and our area public schools.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann