Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

School is at Hand; The Fall Season Begins

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

This morning I heard people talk about “fall” and “football weather.” With a north west wind and low temperatures into the mid afternoon, perhaps they were getting a good “feel” for the remaining August days.

Last Monday 8/17, I had the privilege of gathering with the priests from Shelby County for our regular card playing and dinner. I managed to win one of the 10 point pitch games. Later that evening, the volunteers who were calling for our Capital Campaign update were making their calls. If you are new in the parish in the last year, had not yet made a gift or have finished your pledge, you should have received a letter and a pledge card in the mail this last week. Please join those who have already pledged and are helping meet our debt payments for our new facilities.

On Tuesday, the St. Luke’s staff met for our every other week meeting. We reviewed schedules and plans for the immediate future. In the evening, the St. Luke’s School Board held their monthly meeting. Final plans and the needs for the school were discussed and finalized.

Wednesday morning, the St. Luke’s School staff came to the 7:45 am mass followed by breakfast provided by the School Board. Nice breakfast pizza Kayla! In the evening, the Liturgical Furnishings sub committee met to finalize several of the remaining items. At the same time, the Religious Education catechists were in a resource training provided by Loyola Press.

Thursday morning, I joined Bishop Pates, area pastors and the staff from our Catholic Schools in a mass held at the St. Joseph’s Chapel in Dowling Catholic High School. It was a good time for our school staff to be with the other Catholic School staff delegations from around the area. The Finance Council held its monthly meeting after the evening mass and adoration. Dick Johnson, our parish building construction representative, presented nearly the final financial construction report. The year end statement was reviewed. The report to the diocese for year end work was signed. The rental rates for use of our facilities were reviewed. Rates for non-parishioner use still need to be set.

Friday morning, some of our staff met to review the security, the locks, the doors and their keys. We are getting closer to having things work the way we had hoped. That evening, I held the 1st wedding rehearsal for a St. Luke’s wedding for Margaux Haines and Mike Anderson.

On Saturday at 1:00 pm, the wedding was held. Nice celebration, Margaux and Mike. At the 4:30 pm mass, we celebrated the baptism of Phineas Jackson Neugent. He was such a good and wide awake baby—no reaction as the warm water flowed. Welcome to Phineas.

Saturday and Sunday after our masses, the Ministry Fair was held in the Gym. The ministries, teams, committees and organizations of the parish had information tables for all to visit. The cookies and donuts were all gone! Good job on the information sharing. Hopefully it was a help for you this weekend with our Time and Talent in the pew survey.

Sunday, we celebrated the baptism of Seamus Raymond Ford. It was wonderful to have the young people watching closely as the warm water flowed in baptism. Seamus too, is now a member of our growing faith community.

On Tuesday evening September 8th, we will have our first gathering for those interested in joining the RCIA. If you know someone who may be interested, please let me know. If you are interested in being a sponsor, let me know that as well. Please respond to the survey monkey from our Faith Formation Council as well. It will help us with planning for the coming year.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann