Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Laudato Si,’ Lutherans and St. Luke’s Feast

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

As I am writing this letter, the October sun is working full time to bring about the Fall colors everywhere. I am sure you will be able to go most anywhere to appreciate the full harvest array.

Last Saturday and Sunday 10/1-2, the Knights of Columbus had their reverse collection to support Life during this Respect Life month. Items to be given to AGAPE Pregnancy Center were returned the following Sunday. Thank you to all who helped support life by your generosity.

From Sunday through Thursday noon, the priests of the diocese were at the Clarion Motel in Iowa City for our annual Priest’s Workshop. We enjoy getting together to get to know new priests who are taking positions throughout the diocese as well as renewing friendships with those who have been with us for some time.

Our Workshop focused on Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudate Si,' ” Three different presenters helped us look at the richness of Pope Francis’ writing. The Pope is showing us that care for the earth is strongly connected to care for the poor and for those who are in need. Creation and all God’s people are part of creation. Care for the earth and all people can and does touch our personal prayer life, the Liturgical life of the church and all we do to focus on justice. We were given helpful resource materials to help the parish community appreciate this dual care.

After mass on Thursday 10/6, I attended the Lutheran/Catholic gathering at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. About 130 people from the Catholic and Lutheran church in Ankeny attended. We shared prayer, a light meal, and did a project assembling help for someone who is homeless. Fr. Steve and Patti from OLIH gave some perspective about the document “From Conflict to Communion,” that the two faiths have developed. It is a recognition and review of all that has been done by the two faiths to share what is held in common. You are invited to come to the next gathering which will be on Thursday November 3, 6:30 pm at OLIH.

Friday 10/7 I enjoyed the 8:30 am mass with the St. Luke’s School children and parish. The Kindergarten shared their song. At 9:30 am, I celebrated mass for the residents at Vintage Hills. At noon, I attended the monthly Tribunal panel at the Catholic Pastoral Center. They will be moving across the street to the Ruan Building this week while renovations take place in the next 15 months or so.

On Saturday, Knights of Columbus and other parish members gathered at the Rectory to trim bushes, re-stain the deck, wash windows inside and outside, care for the lawn and clean the garage. Wow! The place looks great. Thanks to all who came to help.

Sunday morning at the 10:30 am mass I enjoyed the baptism of Jackson Paul, son of Mark and Bethany Schemmel. Welcome Jackson! At 1:00 pm, the Stewardship Committee held its regular meeting.

As you read this bulletin, the St. Luke’s Feast Day Pasta Dinner and Silent Auction will be almost ready to go. Come to the 4-7:00 pm dinner and celebration. Invite your friends and neighbors. It will be a great gathering. Pray to St. Luke to intercede for blessings on us for the coming year.

Remember to say the rosary in this month of the rosary. It is a great way to honor Mary and to respect life.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann