Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

May We Always Be Grateful

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

We continue to be blessed with warm non-November weather. Thank you Lord. I am beginning to think about wearing a jacket one of these days but not yet!

Monday 11/7 my sister Anita stopped in for a visit. We enjoyed coffee and made more plans for traveling together after Christmas to another sister’s home in southern Arizona. That evening I endured the last of the political commercials!

Tuesday late morning, I went to my polling place and walked right in and voted. There were people quickly getting in and out without lines. I was number 789 who voted there. I pray that as a country, we can get all sides to work for the common good, set about steps to do normal governing to achieve that common good. I had a wonderful meeting with Ryan Schon our new Finance Council chairperson that afternoon. He helped begin to look at some long range numbers to help with our finances and strategic planning. Regular RCIA session followed in the evening.

Wednesday after mass, I met with a parishioner who is interested in helping establish a Sunday mass nursery for St. Luke’s. She will be drawing up a draft of how this might work. More information later. That afternoon, I visited with the 1st grade in St. Luke’s School. I shared the story of David and Goliath. I was part of the evening Confessions for the Religious Education sessions at St. Mary of Nazareth and then returned for the 2nd meeting of our Strategic Planning for Phase II team.

Thursday, we had a Priest’s Fall Study Day. We used the Roman Missal, now 5 years old, to look at Holy Week. It was a very good review of things that are contained in the Roman Missal and helps on how to celebrate them. The Parish PastoralCouncil held its regular meeting after mass and adoration. We had extended discussion from our study of the book “Rebuilt.” We also looked at plans being made for “Alpha” come January, the 11/22 7:00 pm Ecumenical ThanksgivingService at St. Luke’s and a list of “Expectations” that will eventually be part of our New Member packets.

Friday morning after the 8:30 am mass, I joined many of the priests and parishioners from St. Augustin at the funeral of Fr. John Lorenz who died 11/1 at 88 years of age. Then I went to the temporary Diocesan Offices for our regular Tribunal meeting. That evening, there was a wedding rehearsal for Paul Tentow and Aurelie Chountsa at St. Luke’s for this couple from OLIH. Their wedding was the next afternoon. Congratulations Paul and Aurelie.

Saturday evening after the 4:30 pm mass, we celebrated the baptism of Theodore John Besperat, son of Evan and Erin. Sunday at the 10:30 am mass, we celebrated the baptism of Coeyn O’Herron Kock, daughter of Scott and Lyndsay. Congratulations Theodore and Coeyn and welcome to St. Luke’s.

Saturday morning, we had a large Baptism preparation session with 8 couples. We will be seeing more baptisms in the near future. Sunday afternoon, the Stewardship Committee met for its regular meeting. They are studying the book “Rebuilt” like the Parish Council is doing but they are a few chapters ahead. Great ideas.

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, may we all call to mind how much we need to have gratitude to our generous and loving God. May your travels be safe.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann