Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Reconciliation, Reconciliation, Our Need to Repent

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

We have enjoyed some spring like days with 70 degree temperatures on Saturday 2/27 and today is great too but the wind has changed to the NW, so… It is still winter!

Last Sunday 2/21, the Knights of Columbus held their Spelling Bee in St. Luke’s school classrooms. Winners will go on to the regionals.

Monday, I stopped in Harlan to sign more documents to help with the sale of my Mother’s house. Then I continued on to Council Bluffs for lunch and cards with the other Shelby County priests.

Tuesday, the morning study group looked again at “The Face of Mercy” for our reflection and prayer. That morning, I took the St. Luke’s School 2nd grade to visit the Reconciliation Room and to review their preparation for their 1st Reconciliation. That afternoon, St. Luke’s School and Parish set out to pack 20,000 meals with Meals From the Heartland. With the 2:00 pm School Shift, the 5:00 and 6:00 pm shifts and lots of volunteers, the meals were all packed and sent on their way. It is hard to believe that one of these packages would feed 6 people. Thank you for all those who helped “To feed the hungry.” RCIA class followed to discuss Social Justice in the Church.

Wednesday, from noon to 3:00 pm, parish priests met at St. Joseph’s to discuss Adult Faith Formation led by Dr. Matt Halbach. We used the book “The Seasons of Adult Faith Formation.” It will provide a good framework to look at this formation in our parishes.

That evening, we celebrated 1st Reconciliation for our 40 young people in St. Luke’s. It was a great celebration of God’s forgiveness and mercy for our second graders.

Thursday evening the Finance Council held its monthly meeting. They welcomed Tonya Eaton our St. Luke’s school principal and members of the School Board to present their work on the School Budget for next year. Lots of good work had been done and it will enable the council to move forward with our overall budget. The council also reviewed other budget items including the Facilities committee report. The Annual Diocesan Appeal was discussed and note taken of our $15,000 goal to be sent to the diocese this year. We also looked at how we can work to increase our regular tithing. The Cunneen Company will help us with a letter writing effort that will begin after Easter. This will invite everyone to increase their regular financial support by some amount. More information will come later.

Friday evening, I enjoyed the Fish Fry at St. Mary’s in Elkhart. Many St. Luke’s parishioners did as well. Saturday morning, I joined the St. Luke’s Primetimers for brunch at the Main Street Café. Late that evening, I helped with confessions at the Women’s Christ Renews His Parish at St. Francis.

I encourage you to make your St. Luke’s Annual Diocesan Appeal commitment this week. The letter from Bishop Pates has a card for your commitment. You can take one from the pew and bring it back next week as well. Together we can meet and surpass our goal.

Let me know during this Catholics Come Home time if you have anyone you want me to write to, inviting them to come home. It works best if you have visited with them first. Watch some of the Catholics Come Home commercials to be inspired.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann