Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

May Blessings and the Promised Holy Spirit

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

What an interesting week: cool and windy days, hot and windy days and even Canadian smoke filled days. I suspect that farmers were very busy completing corn planting and getting well into the planting of soy beans. Spring work is in full swing.

Sunday evening May 1, I enjoyed having hamburgers with a good number of our young families in the gym. It is a great way to meet other families and enjoy the potluck that everyone brings.

Monday was a nice simple day. I even cleaned out my garage - getting the floor swept and things put away. I even discovered a large box of unused spikes! That evening the St. Luke’s School Board had a special meeting for Strategic Planning for next year.

Tuesday after the Book study of “Beautiful Mercy,” the Parish Staff had its regular meeting. Plans for coming weeks are beginning to be calendared even including summer vacations.

Wednesday I met with the representative for LifeTouch, a company that does Parish Pictorial Directories. They will come to do the St. Luke’s Book beginning August 16. I encourage as many as possible to plan on getting their pictures taken so that we can put names and faces together from our parish. We all know it is more comfortable when we can call people by name. That evening, I enjoyed supper with one of our St. Luke’s Supper Clubs at Old Chicago.

Thursday evening after mass and Adoration, the Liturgy Committee held its regular meeting in the Conference Room. Plans for St. Luke’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Door at the Basilica of St. John’s were made. It will be held on Saturday June 11, at 11:00 am. We will leave from St. Luke’s at about 10:15 am. More information later. The committee is putting together what it will take to begin a second Sunday Mass in the fall. We will be in need of lots more Liturgical Ministers for any and all of these masses. Be looking for opportunities to begin helping with these ministries.

At the Friday 8:30 am mass, the St. Luke’s 2nd graders made their 2nd Communion. We congratulated them for their reception of this joyous sacrament. Then I went down to Vintage Hills for the 1st Friday Mass with the residents there.

Saturday after the 9:00 am Reconciliation, I joined those attending the Baptism preparation class. This is a great session for parents preparing to baptize their 1st child. At the 4:30 pm celebration of the Ascension, we also celebrated the baptism of Max Allen Schmelzer, son of Noah and Emily. Welcome to St. Luke’s Max! Following the mass and baptism, I joined a group of families for a Knights of Columbus Orientation. It was an information meeting about what the Knights of Columbus do and a presentation about the Knights of Columbus insurance with the new insurance representative.

At the Sunday mass, some of the 1st Communion class and a few others, processed with flowers presented to Mary to honor her during the month of May. There was also a special blessing for all our Mothers.

Be sure to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit into our individual, family and parish lives as we celebrate Pentecost this weekend. We all are in need of the “power from on high” to grow in understanding and in living our faith. May the Holy Spirit touch each of our lives as we celebrate the Birthday of the Church.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann