Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Summer Fun and Looking to the Future

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

For any who were riding their bikes on RAGBRAI this last week, you were indeed blessed with a break between the hot days of late July and early August. Hope that all of you found blessings along the way.

It has been a pretty quiet week at St. Luke’s. On Tuesday 7/26, I met with Tim Rofles, the Diocesan Senior Housing person, to discuss long range possibilities for the land North and West of St. Luke’s given to the Diocese and to Bishop Drumm. All kinds of possible relationships to their plans were discussed. Representatives from St. Luke’s will now be included in these discussions. At noon, I celebrated mass at Emmaus House for Fr. Dan Krettek who was at a workshop. It is delightful to celebrate with the regulars there at the retreat house.

Wednesday morning, I joined St. Luke’s School staff in interviewing further staff members for our school. It looks like the full compliment of staff is close at hand. Later that evening, I went out to Catholic Youth Camp to hear confessions for the 8th and 9th grade age group of 129 campers. It is great to see this many young people celebrating Reconciliation.

Thursday 7/28 meant that I went to OLIH for their regular Blood Drive. It is always an adventure trying to find my veins. After the 5:30 pm mass, I joined the St. Luke’s School families and staff for a picnic at the park on Irvinedale. Great turn out and lots of good food and kids having fun! Then I came back to join the Social Concerns Committee for their regular meeting at the office. We continued our study of Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Si” - “On Care for Our Common Home.” Activities and Tithe of the Tithe for July were discussed and set up. More members are welcome.

Friday midday, I joined the members of my priest’s support group at the Dowling Priest’s Residence. We share a significant fact from our life this last month and enjoyed lunch together.

On Saturday, I enjoyed celebrating baptism after the 4:30 pm Mass for Roscoe Donald and Calvin James, sons of Nick and Angela Otis. Welcome Roscoe and Calvin! Then I also enjoyed a nice reception with their extended family in Polk City.

Sunday 7/31 was the last day of the month. I am trying to make the summer go longer but I am not having much luck. I do hope that your families are enjoying these summer days. May your travel and vacations be a great time to draw closer to each other and to be re-created. May that travel be safe as well.

I want to encourage all of you who have not signed up so far for the Pictorial Directory to do so as soon as possible. We want that directory to include 100% of our parishioners. Part of what will happen, is that you will be able to put this directory on your phone as an app and be able to put together names and faces. You will receive a hard copy as well as an 8” x 10” free family photo. Please sign up.

Consider nominations for our St. Luke’s School Board. Nominations need to be in ASAP. Possibly, you are interested in the Information and Discernment for Parish Pastoral Council to be held on Wednesday August 10. Please let me know if you plan on coming. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in finding who God wants in our various parish leadership and committees.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann