Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Sun and Son Shine on Our Shoulders

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

God is so wonderful, to give us 70 degree days, lots of them in February! I hope that all of you have been able to get out and do un-February like things to enjoy the gift of our God.

Last Monday 2/13, I was busy the best part of the day getting caught up on all the various mails and trying to get ready for the week to come. I can still recall the nice skiing we did out in Colorado - warm and windy, but good snow and lots of it.

Tuesday we held our Book Study group after the 7:45 am mass continuing to discuss “A Well Built Faith” by Joe Paprochki. Our chapter covered the sacraments of Initiation. Later that morning, I met with a young man wanting to know about the steps in marriage preparation. We enjoyed a nice visit.

That evening, the RCIA met as usual at 6:30 pm. In our session, we discussed “The Creed,” the four marks of the Church and the Stations of the Cross. Keep all our candidates for full communion in the church in your prayers as we approach Lent and Holy Week.

Wednesday 2/15, I enjoyed taking with the 4th Grade Religious Education classes about the sacrament of Holy Orders. We had many lively questions. Later that evening the upper grade RE classes heard presentations about Human Trafficking. Also that evening, the Facilities Committee held its regular meeting.

Thursday morning, there was an 8:30 am St. Luke’s School mass because Teacher conferences were held this week and the students and teachers had the day off when mass was usually held. After the 5:30 pm mass, the Faith Formation Council held its regular meeting. Review of the progress of our Alpha program, plans for speakers in the near future and putting together an interview team for a new Faith Formation Director were part of our agenda.

Friday 2/17, I went to the monthly Tribunal panel at the Diocesan Offices. Afterward, I visited with my Spiritual Director at Emmaus House and then visited Blank hospital. That evening, I enjoyed introducing our 500 card club to the dice game “10,000.” There was lots of excitement as the numbers mounted up rapidly.

Saturday 2/18, we held our 1st Alpha “Spirit Day.” We gathered from 8:30 am - 2:00 pm in a retreat like mode. We enjoyed breakfast/coffee and then viewed DVD’s that focused on the Holy Spirit. We learned about who is the Holy Spirit and how we are called to invite the Holy Spirit to Come into our lives and to trust the presence and power of this third person of the Holy Trinity. All the while, there were prayer supporters in the church willing to pray for any who wished. It was a great day.

After the 4:30 pm Mass, I joined several couples for the St. Luke’s Feast Auction dinner provided by Lois White and Tom Carpenter. Too quickly after dessert, I helped out with confessions at the men’s CEW at OLIH. It made a full but very good day.

And now we are back to Sunday. Keep all the men who have finished their Christian Experience Weekend in your prayers. May they be open to all that God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit can do in their lives.

May all of you be touched by the gifts of our loving God - in nature, in your close family and in the persons who touch your lives for the first time. May we all see the presence of the Lord there.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann