Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Newness: Teachers, Directors, Communion, Confirmation

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

After such a nice week last week, then the Drake Relays are in session. And that means of course, cold, wind and rain as I am writing this letter. But there are promises for the spring and May weather to return.

On Sunday 4/23, I went down to St. Ambrose for the Drake combined choirs presentation of “Te Deum.” It was wonderful! Such marvelous blending of voices.

Monday 4/24, I concelebrated the funeral for Debbie Morlan, Fr. Chris Fontanini’s sister at St. Anthony’s. What a large and supportive community gathering for her visitation and funeral - there were lots of rows of chairs outside the church! That evening, I was hosting the Shelby County priests at the Rectory for Beef Ragot and Euchre. Fr. Ken Gross and I did manage to win the most games.

Tuesday after the mass, the study group gathered to talk about the various kinds of prayer, vocal, meditation and contemplation. I went to my Dermatologist for my annual visit in the afternoon. That evening, the RCIA met for its final session for this year. This “Mystagogia” session focused on the “Priesthood of the Faithful” and how new Catholics are invited to become active within the church.

After the RCIA, I attended the remaining part of the St. Luke’s School Board meeting. Sections of the Parent handbook were reviewed and approved for the coming year.

On Wednesday, I was part of the monthly Tribunal panel gathered at the diocesan offices. Then there were interviews for potential teachers for St. Luke’s Catholic School. Those interviews were followed by two interviews with members of the Faith Formation Council for our Faith Formation Director.

Thursday 4/27, I attended the Ankeny Ministerial Association regular meeting at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Following that meeting, I had may annual physical - it went well with good reports. After mass, the St. Luke’s School Fine Arts evening was held in the church and the gym. We had another interview for the Faith Formation Director and the Social Concerns Committee held their regular meeting in the library.

On Friday 4/28, I attended my priest’s support group at Christ the King Rectory. After the meeting, I stopped at the hospital to see one of our recently born children with some lung struggles. I came back to find the Knights of Columbus well into the Port Chop and Chicken dinner preparations. It was a wonderful meal—great dinner and of course nice Ice Cream and sauces.

Saturday morning, two 1st Eucharist practices were held. At 2:00 pm, one half of our young people celebrated their 1st Eucharist. On Sunday at 1:00 pm, the other half likewise had their celebration. Congratulations to all who made their 1st Communion over the weekend.

By the time you are looking at this letter, Bishop Pates will have confirmed our 18 young people at the 4:30 pm mass on May 6th. Keep those who have celebrated their 1st Eucharist and Confirmation in your prayers.

May flowers are in order after our April showers. Open your hearts to seeing the presence of God the creator as the new life of spring unfolds around us.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann