Faith Formation


Faith Formation Committee

 Left to Right, Front Row: Kate Ledyard, Andrea Kjos, Patsy Carlson Back Row: Dn. Fred Cornwell, Janet Fisher, Deb Mehlhop, Charlene Judge, Fr. Larry Hoffmann (Retired)

Left to Right, Front Row: Kate Ledyard, Andrea Kjos, Patsy Carlson
Back Row: Dn. Fred Cornwell, Janet Fisher, Deb Mehlhop, Charlene Judge, Fr. Larry Hoffmann (Retired)

Team Vision

As the Faith Formation Council, let us work in unity, faith, and understanding to facilitate the Faith Formation Process for all seasons of life.

Purpose Statement 

The purpose for the Faith Formation Council is to serve as role models as we grow our own faith, discern the formation needs of the parish, and offer formation opportunities to meet those needs for parish members throughout all seasons of life.


  • Be courteous and respectful of the opinions and input of all members.
  • Be ambitious and stay focused in order to achieve our goals.
  • Be efficient and frugal with expenditures of our limited resources.
  • Be open-minded to new and alternative options.
  • Use courage, humility and fortitude to make the difficult decisions necessary to serve the parish.
  • Recognize that every parishioner has specific needs at each stage of their faith journey.
  • Honor the needs of all the parishioners and do our best to meet those needs.
  • Strive to grow in our own faith.
  • Be accountable for our work to fellow parishioners, the Diocese, and the Lord.

Team Outcomes

  • Invite and seek input from parishioners to develop an understanding of the needs and interests of the parish and community.
  • Make prayer and study a vital part of each meeting to help guide us in our decisions.
  • Encourage parishioners to attend Council meetings.
  • Develop a clear understanding of the Faith Formation Council vision and purpose statements.
  • Prepare an Annual Report for the parish and Pastoral Council.
  • As needed and as requested, provide information to the Finance Council for the funding of programs and activities that will carry out the formation needs of the parish.
  • Do our best to assess the needs of the parishioners and provide formation to meet those needs.
  • Continue to grow our own faith both inside and outside this council. 

Resources and Budget

The Council will develop and have approved by the Finance Council an annual budget that will cover the cost of administrative expenses and other resources needed to carry out the duties of the Council.

Team Operating Guidelines

  • The Council will meet the third Sunday of each month beginning at 3:00pm and adjourning no later than 4:30pm. The Council may reschedule or forego a monthly meeting.
  • Each meeting will have an agenda published seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
  • At the conclusion of each meeting, the Council will outline a general agenda for the next meeting. Duties and roles will be assigned. If a member has been assigned a role for the next meeting and cannot attend such meeting, he or she must find a substitute.
  • We will use consensus or majority rule to make decisions. We will decide at the onset of each topic discussion which route to take.
  • For all decisions to be decided by majority rule, a quorum is required. (A quorum is one(1) more member than a majority of the members.) If no quorum is present, then decision on such matters will be tabled. In the event of a tie, the Pastor will vote. Votes may be cast by proxy.
  • Individual members will complete the assigned work for each meeting and any additional work that is needed.
  • Minutes will be kept and sent out via email to Council members within five (5) calendar days after the meeting. Minutes will be available to members of the parish after they have been reviewed for accuracy.
  • Team members will equally accept additional assignments.


  1. Conduct periodic surveys to determine membership education and learning needs.
  2. Coordinate with existing ministries and groups the faith formation opportunities.
  3. Use a variety of techniques such as on-line, book, video, speakers, film and other art forms, small group study, individual study, and conferences to address different learning styles.
  4. Inform parishioners of programs offered by the diocese, St. Joseph Education Center, and other parishes and churches.
  5. Encourage all parishioners to facilitate faith formation opportunities.
  6. Offer on-going programs which new members can easily join.
  7. Address learning needs throughout each season of life-children, youth, young adult, adult, senior, families, singles
  8. Coordinate with St. Luke the Evangelist School for faith formation programs.

Team Norms and Ground Rules

  • Be punctual for meetings and in executing tasks.
  • Ensure that all members are heard and have the opportunity to contribute equally.
  • Stay on task during the meetings so that efficiency is maintained and our goals are met.
  • When dialog becomes extended and non-productive or confrontational, any member or the Pastor can call a time out to give each member a certain amount of time to state his or her feelings/opinions/viewpoint, or use a discernment process.
  • Listen with an open mind and an open heart.
  • See the big picture of our mission, and let God direct us. Make prayer a part of every meeting.
  • Enjoy ourselves, and take pride in what we accomplish and the work we are doing.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair: The Faith Formation Council will select the initial chair of the Council. The Chair will serve a one-year term. The chair working with the Faith Formation Director will finalize and distribute agendas in advance of each monthly meeting; lead and facilitate discussions at meetings; and perform such other tasks as the Pastor may designate.
  • Vice-Chair: Annually the Faith Formation Council will select a vice-chair to serve a one-year term. The vice-chair for the immediately succeeding term will serve as chair, unless he or she is unable or unwilling to serve as chair, at which point the Council will select a new chair. The vice-chair will perform the duties of the chair in the absence of the chair, and perform such other tasks as the chair may designate.
  • Secretary: Annually the Faith Formation Council will select a secretary to serve a one-year term. The secretary will keep minutes of each meeting, distribute those minutes in advance of the following meeting, and perform such other tasks as the council may designate. If the secretary is unable to attend a meeting, the secretary will find a willing substitute to keep minutes for that meeting.
  • Timekeeper/Observer: One member will serve as a timekeeper/observer at each meeting, and assist the Council with staying on task and on time. This position will rotate monthly.
  • Pastor
  • Faith Formation Director
  • Member Terms: Excluding the Pastor and Faith Formation Director, each member of the initial Council will serve a three-year term. By the January 2018 meeting, the Council will begin to discuss a membership succession plan. By the June 2018 meeting, the Council will finalize such plan. Such plan will state that any and all members are limited to two consecutive terms. The initial council will be eleven (11) members. Membership numbers and demographics can be reviewed. 

Faith Formation Calendar