Keep The Sides The Same

Keep The Sides The Same


Current Reserve:     $225
Highest Donation:     $100


Do you want to have Fr. Adam deliver this stocked kegerator to an event of your choice?  Do you want to see these wonderful colors at parish events over the next year?  Then DONATE NOW to keep the sides the same!  Otherwise, these sides will change...

Because Fr. Adam is auctioning off the sides of the kegerator at the Pasta Dinner on Sunday, October 15 to the highest bidder.  The kegerator will make appearances throughout the year at a number of parish functions.  The highest bidder at the auction will be able to put advertising on the sides of the kegerator UNLESS you donate now and raise the reserve! 

Between now and the beginning of the silent auction on October 15, anyone can donate (Yes, DONATE) to the "Keep-the-sides-the-same" fund.  Every donation, no matter how small, raises the reserve on the kegerator.  If the reserve is NOT exceeded at the silent auction by one of the bidders, then the sides stay the same!  BONUS: If the sides stay the same, then the highest donor to the "Keep-the-sides-the-same" fund wins the kegerator for a day!  Fr. Adam will deliver the kegerator within a 30 mile radius of St. Luke's (and did we mention it comes stocked?) 

Every donation counts for the "keep-the-sides-the-same" campaign, and is tax deductible.  All money donated goes to the work of the parish.  Donations are cumulative (If one person donates twice, then both of his/her donations count towards the winning of the kegerator for the day).  

Thanks for supporting this!

Fr. Adam Westphal

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