Minister Directions



  1. Receive Schedule for days to minister as Lector – prepare readings in advance.
  2. Check in with Eucharistic Captain when you arrive – check to see that Lectionary is placed on the Ambo and it open to the proper place.
  3. The first reader carries the book of the gospels in the procession from the back following the last server but before the priest. The first reader places the Book of the Gospels on the wood cross stand in the middle of the altar and thenreturns to their seat in the congregation. If there is a deacon, the first reader does not need to be in the procession.
  4. The first reader comes up from where seated in congregation, bows in front of the altar, goes left to the Ambo and reads the reading. Return to seat after bowing in front of the altar. The second reader does the same thing. After the second reader finishes their reading, they close the Lectionary, bow to the altar and place the Lectionary in the Ambo shelf. Then return to their seat in the congregation.


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Download Eucharistic Captain Directions.PDF

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  1. Receive Schedule for days to be Commentator.
  2. Checkin with Eucharistic Captain when you arrive.
  3. Review the folder in the sacristy with the Prayers of Petition and the Announcements – check with priest for special details if any.
  4. After the Creed, come up to the Ambo with the folder and read the Petitions.
  5. After the Final Prayer (sometimes before), come up to the Ambo and read the Announcements. Return folder to sacristy after mass.


  1. Hospitality Ministers should should arrive 30 minutes before Mass begins and check in with the Eucharistic Captain.
  2. Welcome parishioners as they arrive and hand them a copy of the book “Breaking Bread” and any other worship aids needed.
  3. Place the collection baskets from the sacristy under the table in the back of church.
  4. Help people find seats if seating begins to fill up. Set up additional chairs if needed.
  5. Find a family/individuals who will bring up gifts.
  6. Four Ministers of Hospitality can take up the collection after the Prayers of Petition. With a basket in hand, two will go down the center aisle and hand it to the person in the front row. Two will go down the side aisles and hand it to the person in the 2nd row. The person on the left side will also hand a basket to the people in the three side pews. Then they will wait for the basket to come to them and hand it back two rows until the baskets reach the back. The Collection is then consolidated and one Minister of Hospitality takes it up to the altar or gives it to the family bringing up the gifts. If there is a second collection, the gifts should be brought us first and then the second collection is taken.
  7. Assist parishioners returning song books to the book racks.
  8. Two ministers of hospitality should hand out bulletins as people exit and direct newcomers to registration packets if needed.
  9. All Ministers of Hospitality should be welcoming and greet people as they enter and exit. You are the welcoming face of St. Luke's.
  10. As people are entering for Mass, using the counter, get a total number of people (children included) attending.
  11. Write the total number of people on the calendar in the Sacristy.
  12. After the Mass has concluded, Hospitality Ministers should check to ensure there are finance staff and/or money counters available to organize the collection and place it in the safe in the Sacristy.



  1. Arrive by 8:30 a.m. and check to ensure that donuts, rolls and juice have been delivered to the church. Make sure to start the coffee before Mass.  Pull out all supplies needed to serve donuts, rolls, juice, coffee and tea that are located in the south pantry closet off the kitchen dish washing machine area. Ensure you have an adequate supply of all materials needed.  This would include coffee, filters, tea bags, cups, napkins, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, etc. If you find you are short any supplies, have someone on the team go purchase what is required for that mass only and submit your receipt for reimbursement.  Write youR name on the receipt, request reimbursement for expenses and provide this to the money counters after mass. If you notice that you are running low on any supplies, please inform Jenifer in the office so that she can order more.
  2. Set up tables (round and rectangle) and chairs in the gymnasium that you feel would be adequate for the amount of people attending mass.  This typically takes all round tables with 6 chairs per table and several rectangle tables with 8 chairs.
  3. Set up two rectangle tables in the Southeast corner of the gymnasium to set out donuts, rolls, and napkins.  Leave tables away from the south wall 6 feet to allow space for people to walk on both sides.
  4. The stainless steel serving line overhead door is to be open and will have an offering basket with message sign, coffee pot, hot water pot for tea, juice, cups and napkins.  Refreshment ministers will fill cups and set them out for guests to pick up as they move through the line.
  5. All Refreshment Ministers should be welcoming and greet people as they enter and exit. You are an extension of our welcoming team at St. Luke's.
  6. As time permits after all people have gone through the serving line ministers are asked to take extra coffee, juice and donuts around to ask guests if they would care for more.
  7. During the serving of refreshments, set up children lunch room table benches only if there are no open tables and chairs remaining after all tables and chairs have been set up.
  8. Clean coffee and tea pots with hot water and soap, rinse thoroughly, dry them out completely and return them to their boxes in the storage room.
  9. Collect all trash and dispose of it in the dumpster outside the kitchen.
  10. Wipe down tables and chairs with disinfectant spray and/or clean soapy water.  Tear down and return all tables and chairs to the storage closet at the north end of the gymnasium.
  11. Clean up spills of liquid and food on the floors in the gymnasium and all areas of the kitchen as needed.
  12. Help enforce the rule of keeping all food and beverages in the gymnasium to reduce messes outside these areas.
  13. Keep ministry team captain aware of any changes of contact information (phone number and email address).

Advise the team captain if you plan to leave the ministry team.