Prime Timers

St. Luke’s Prime Timers      

Group Guidelines

A Ministry organized to provide social fellowship to each other within the group.  We will meet once a month at dinners and local events to grow the relationships within the group. Also to be a support group for pastoral needs within the church.

  1. Membership is open to registered married couples or singles of St. Luke’s Parish.
  2. Each group is closed when 36 members have joined that group.  Additional groups will be added as needed. They could join an established group until a fair number of the new group is ready to start their own group.
  3. An annual fee of $30 per couple or $15 for singles is due at the first social event in October, which is the start of our fiscal year. Dues will be used for:                
    1. Postage, cards (anniversary, get well, and sympathy);
    2. Mass cards for loss in immediate family (spouse, parents, sister, brother, grandparent, children and grandchildren);
    3. Donation toward St. Luke’s events
    4. See guideline #8
    5. See guideline #7
  4. Socials will be held the 2nd weekend of each month.  If the event needs to be scheduled for a time other than the regular date, members of the group should be notified well in advance.  Parish activities should be considered additions rather than substitutions for monthly events.
  5. The host couples will be responsible for deciding on the event, sending invitations via email, making the arrangements, and handling food assignments, if necessary.  If the event is held in the home, BYOB.  If a special dinner, such as the Christmas dinner, is catered or the event costs exceed $70 per couple, approval of the group is required.
  6. All members should RSVP to the host couple in a timely manner and pay prior to the event unless the event is held in the host couples house.  We will try to run all prepays for events through the church account for St. “L”uke’s Prime Timers.
  7. Hosts will send an invitation to the parish priest and deacon for each event.  The priest and deacon’s ticket and/or dinner will be paid with the group's dues. Receipts of expenses are submitted to the Church’s Bookkeeper and the Prime Timers treasurer.  
  8. Outreach projects to the parish to be decided by the group as needed.
  9. The group is led by the Coordinators and will have a Co-Coordinators to learn the process and would lead the group the next year.  Hospitality / Communication Director will send out cards as needed and turn in expenses to the Treasurer for payment. They will also place a notice of Prime Timer events in the church’s bulletin. Treasurer will collect dues, submit to the parish account for St. Luke’s Prime Timers, and also submit check requests for approved expenses.
  10. Any committed reservation for a function must be honored by the person/couple for the expense of their reservation if the expense is to be paid by the group.

Coordinator Contact: Karen Bishop,