Leadership Council Openings

Leadership Council Openings

St. Luke’s is looking for highly motivated people to join one of our three leadership councils (Parish Council, Finance Council, and School Board).

We are currently accepting letters of interest for the following positions

The Parish Council is looking for four people to join who have the below qualities

  • Active members of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish (St. Luke’s)
  • Have a general knowledge of most of the committees, groups, and ministries of St. Luke’s
  • Have extensive knowledge of and experience with at least one committee, group, ministry, etc
  • Willing to collaborate with other members of the Parish Council (especially the Finance Council and School Board) to help the members of our Parish Community in our endeavor to carry out the mission of St. Luke’s (We Worship, We Teach, We Care) 

The Finance Council is looking for one individual who has the below qualities

  • Provides valuable advice and assistance in the execution of St. Luke’s financial duties
  • Assist in developing and managing a budget
  • Willing to collaborate with the three leadership councils to help create and execute a strategic plan for St. Luke’s
  • Ability to maximize  financial resources and avert potential financial problems

The School Board is looking for two people to join who have the below qualities

  • Willing to collaborate with the leadership councils to provide our students every opportunity to carry out the mission of St. Luke’s School (We pray, We learn, We serve)
  • Ability to help our school develop and implement an up-to-date, long-term technology plan as we grow into a K-8, two-section school
  • Assist in the development of unique programs to compliment the standard school day

To provide a seamless transition, a period of non-voting membership begins on July 1st, if an applicant is selected for one of the above councils. Installation with voting privileges occurs in September. The term for each council is three years (September 2018 through September 2021). 

Anyone interested in one of these leadership roles must submit a letter to Fr. Larry and Fr. Adam (and Mrs. Eaton for the School Board). The letter of interest should express the reasons why you desire to serve on one of these leadership councils and listing your qualifications. The deadline for submissions is June 20th.

If you feel called to be involved in St. Luke’s but do not feel that now is the right time for one of the leadership councils, on September 15th we will be hosting a ministry fair. At our ministry fair you can sign up for one of the many committees, groups, ministries, etc that are occurring at St. Luke’s. 

Thank you for your service!