Masses for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Tuesday, August 15th, 7:45am & 6:30pm

Celebrating Nicole Lindsey's Discernment

Join us in celebrating St. Luke’s parishioner Nicole Lindsey's discernment to join the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. Nicole will be joining the Dominican Sisters of Mary in Ann Arbor Michigan on August 28.

More than anything, Nicole is requesting that you pray for her as she answers this call from God. If you are in a position where you can offer financial support, that would also be appreciated. Nicole is responsible for reconciling her debt and paying for health insuranceprior to making her initial vows in three years.  If you would like to assist Nicole, use the “Send Money” tab in PayPal(www.paypal.com) and the email SisterNicoleLindsey@gmail.com or send a check to Nicole at 8294 NW 16th Street, Ankeny IA 50023

Nicole's Discernment Story

Thank you friends for your prayers and support as I discern God's call to religious life for me. While I was visiting the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist they gave me an acceptance letter and I will be entering their postulancy this August 28th!! It has been a long and difficult discernment process to find my new home in Ann Arbor Michigan, but I thought I would share a little of my story with you all.

When I was first aware of the call to religious life, I was not ready or willing. I was Lutheran and terrified of what I believed Catholics believed and taught. God placed the desire and longing in my heart in high school. My response was to read the Bible and prove why Catholics were misguided. That plan backfired and what I feared most in the Tradition of the Catholic Church was actually what drew me in. Throughout my life God has placed incredible and true friends in my life to gently work the soil, plant seeds, water, nourish, and prune my heart. At my first full time job, a coworker invited me to mass with her family. Eva Moritz was that co-worker and would be my sponsor just a year later when I entered Oct 31, 2013. Paul, Eva ,Travis and Genna have taught me so much about the amazing love of God and of answering yes to what he calls me to. Through them and the support of a friend, Kate Ledyard, who shares my passions for faith and exercise and discussing how the two can so beautifully and perfectly be connected to help us live as God created us to, I realized I could say yes to the person God was calling me to be. It is impossible to list all the names and ways God has blessed me with friends and family. It has been and continues to be an incredible journey, filled with graces and love.

After saying yes to the call to religious life and realizing it was my heart's desire and who I was truly created to be, it was a journey to find the right community. The specific community that I was created for and would enable me to bring God glory by living out the gifts He has uniquely given me. When I finally found the Dominican Order and learned about Dominican Spirituality I instantly knew that was the community I could trust to lead me where God called. Dominic formed the order to fight heresy and spread Truth as an Order of Preachers, which is why all professed have the letters OP after their names. Dominican Sisters serve out of the fruits of contemplation. The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist have an hour of exposed Eucharistic adoration every morning before reciting the morning prayers and receiving daily mass. It is not until after we have centered ourselves on Christ and His word that the Sisters go out and serve. Their apostolate is teaching and I will have a chance to work with kids of all ages as together we grow deeper in our relationship with Christ. The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist are a new Order established in 1997. The Sisters are young and on fire for God, and I am excited to start the process to become a Sister. It is an eight year formation process before making final vows.

I would truly appreciate your continued prayers and support as the community and I continue the discernment process to make sure this is where God is calling me. After August my only form of communication will be through written letters. My address will be Sister Nicole, Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, 4597 Warren Rd, Ann Arbor MI 48105.

God Bless you all and your loved ones,

Nicole Lindsey

Religious Education Enrollment

Registration is now open for Religious Education classes at St. Luke’s. To enroll your students, click here: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/StLuketheEvangelist and complete the registration information. One of the questions you will see asks if you would be willing to be a catechist this year. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity – it takes many great volunteers to make our program a success, and we could definitely use your help at all grade levels, whether or not you have a student in RE. (As an added bonus, enrollment fees are waived for any children of our catechists). Contact Pete Haack at pete@slte.org if you have any questions, and look forward to a great year!

Tithe of the Tithe

St. Luke's is based on the foundation of Stewardship. Did you know that our parish donates 10% of your tithes to various charities? Do you wonder who receives these gifts and how much we give? We now have a page just to keep you informed of this information. This page is listed in the Miscellaneous menu above and there is also a button on the right-hand sidebar that you can use to access this page too. Click here to visit this page and view the PDF of this information.

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